"Martha Mooke’s No Ordinary Window on Monkmusic Records is an amazing look into what is possible with one musician and a few pieces of technology, yet it is also a display of an amazing living composer and performer with an imaginative ear. Mooke’s compositional craft permeates throughout this album, and the musical worlds she creates are purely authentic. Her compositional style is only matched by her viola performance chops as she is the sole performer on each piece.

The title track No Ordinary Window is just that, a unique window through which Mooke lets the listener view her electro-acoustic landscape. This piece is beautiful and well put together. Rather than make the viola’s electronic effects and altered timbres the main idea, there is a tonal theme that permeates throughout the piece. This theme is not only developed in the traditional way, but also through different effects pedals. In many ways, it is symphonic and grand, but still intimate and fragile in some sections. It is amazing how Mooke has found certain effects and lines that layer in the ways they do. Also, the way in which she performs makes each musical idea seem natural and easy.

No Ordinary Window is a beautiful example of the doors technology can open for acoustic instruments. Each track on this album is haunting, yet beautiful; alien, yet human. Throughout it all, Martha Mooke still remains true to excellent compositional craft which makes this album all the more impressive. No Ordinary Window is truly engaging, from top to bottom."

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